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Attorney David Clements Discusses the 2020 Election Work in New Mexico “Focusing More on the Machine-Driven Aspects of Fraud”

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On Friday, Attorney David Clements joined Joe Hoft on the Real Talk Radio Network.  He discussed his background, the 2020 Election, and recent results from an election audit in New Mexico.  

Attorney Clements was an award-winning professor who really enjoyed his dream job in New Mexico as a professor.  He was terminated after the 2020 Election after he started looking into the 2020 Election fraud.

Clements is now working with his wife Erin on the New Mexico 2020 Election audit.  There is much coming from that audit as reported previously at TGP.

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Former professor Clements shared the following:

He may have been the first person with his background in criminal casework to acknowledge that there was a ton of evidence showing revolving around the stolen election but 99.9% of the cases that were dismissed were dismissed on this thing called standing (i.e. claiming that a person doesn’t have a legal stake in a controversy).

Clements and his team have partial audits in eight counties in New Mexico and a forensic audit in one county, in particular, Otero County.  His team also monitors about 30 canvassing operations across the country.

In his interview, Clements shares this from the audit work in New Mexico:

We found that the entire November 3, 2020, election file or product file was wiped and deleted by Dominion…

…We found that the machies that we use allow for the main tabulators to fill out the ballots under the auspices of helping people with disabilities…

…We found out that there’s features that the tabulators themselves can wake up and no one would even know about it.  That the monitors don’t come on.  So you could have your machine being accessed from anywhere in the world and no one would even know it.

And then the other thing that was very, very startling that we touched on was that you can alter the time and date on your print out tapes and make it look like they were original print out tapes on election night when, in fact, someone could go in yesterday and basically concoct results…

…Most people who have watched 2000 mules had their eyes open on the ballot stuffing aspect and what we’re doing on our side is focusing more on the machine-driven aspects of the fraud.  We believe there is a preset, a set point that’s predetermined in almost every single election.  We can prove that…

…We’re seeing massive inflation of voter rolls.  They’re artificially inflated…

Watch the entire interview below.


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