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Arizona Bans Youth Gender Reassignment Surgery And Boys in Girls Sports

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Republicans in the Arizona Legislature recently passed new laws protecting children from permanent gender reassignment surgery and woke gender theory in sports. 

The two bills were signed into law by the Governor on Wednesday.

SB 1138 will prohibit physicians from performing irreversible gender reassignment surgeries on minors, and SB 1165 will keep biological males out of women’s sports.

Arizona’s next Governor, Trump-endorsed Kari Lake, has been an outspoken champion for this conservative legislation. On Wednesday, Lake released a statement thanking Republican legislators for getting the job done.

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The radical left in Arizona had a meltdown over this new legislation.

The sick and perverted Democratic Party expressed outrage over these bills to protect our youth.  They went online to show their support for “transgender youth.”

Democratic State Representative Jennifer Longdon shared a creepy image that said, “You cannot make a trans kid feel cis.” This is propaganda made for children.

Democratic State Senators also rallied on the capitol lawn, holding signs that said, “Protect trans youth.”

Why do these people want to ram sex and gender reassignment down childrens’ throats?

The Democratic Party is sick and out of touch.

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