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Animal Rights Protester Chains Herself to Basket During NBA Game

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NBA games have seen their fair share of protests in recent years, but this is something very different.

An animal rights activist chained herself to the back of the basketball net during the Memphis Grizzlies-Minnesota Timberwolves game on Saturday.

The protester wore a shirt targeting Timberwolves Owner Glen Taylor which read, “Glen Taylor Roasts Animals Alive.”

Believe it or not, this is actually not the first protest this week in which Taylor was targeted. Four days prior to the activist chaining herself to the net, another protester glued herself to the floor when the Timberwolves faced the Clippers.

The animal activist group Direct Action Everywhere has taken responsibility for both protests.

Rosenberg reportedly got close to the net and concealed her shirt by draping a towel over herself and acting as if she were a member of the ball crew.

Minnesota beat Memphis 130-117 to take the first game in their playoff series.


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