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Amber Heard’s Lawyer Objects to His Own Question in Video, Leaves Depp Himself Laughing at Apparent Incompetence

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The lines between truth and fiction have been blurred throughout Johnny Depp’s multimillion-dollar defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard. One defense lawyer did not help iron out the facts on Monday.

According to the New York Post, attorney Adam Nadelhaft was questioning Ben King, who was the Depps’ house manager while the actor was married to Heard.

Nadelhaft was asking about a now-infamous 2015 incident in which Depp and Heard got into a fight in Australia.

Depp said during the fight, Heard severed a portion of his finger with a broken vodka bottle. He said his hand looked “like Vesuvius” after the alleged attack, the U.K.’s Independent reported.

Nadelhaft was questioning King about this alleged incident.


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“Isn’t it true that in the entire time you were there, you were not informed as to what caused damage to Mr. Depp’s hand — finger — on March 8?” Nadelhaft said.

One of Depp’s lawyers objected to this question on the basis that it was hearsay, and Judge Penney Azcarate sustained the objection. She asked Nadelhaft to move to his next question.

“You didn’t know what could cause damage to Mr. Depp’s hand while you were there on March 8, correct?” Nadelhaft said.

Is this lawyer incompetent?

“Dr. Kiper told me he sustained an injury on one of his fingers…” King began. But Nadelhaft quickly cut him off.

“Uh, objection, hearsay,” Nadelhaft stammered. A stunned Judge Azcarate reminded him that he was the one who asked the question.

Meanwhile, Depp was apparently amused by the lawyer’s floundering. In a different video angle of the courtroom during this moment, Depp himself seemed to break into laughter as the lawyer objected to his own line of questioning.


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Following his objection, Nadelhaft went back to his previous question about whether King was informed of the injury at the time, and Depp’s attorney objected once again.

Judge Azcarate said this time she would allow the question, and King said he did not recall anyone telling him about the injury at the time.

This whole exchange provided little to nothing of actual substance, and it made Heard’s defense team look completely incompetent. The video ended with Nadelhaft flipping through papers and trying to collect his thoughts for the next question.

In a controversial trial such as this one, attorneys are supposed to use their questioning skills to unveil the truth. Instead, Nadelhaft accomplished nothing aside from raising questions as to his own qualifications.

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