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‘All the Harm You’ve Caused’ (VIDEO)

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Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot has done such a horrible job that even the media is calling her out.

She was recently questioned by a reporter who asked her how she could even consider running for reelection.

She was not happy with the line of questioning but that’s tough luck for her.

Chicago has become a war zone on her watch.

Townhall reports:

Reporter Takes Lori Lightfoot to the Woodshed Over ‘All the Harm You’ve Caused’

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A reporter laid out how Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) has failed the city during her tenure and asked her a very pointed question based on what he says he has been hearing from residents.

“Mayor Lightfoot, every time you have a press conference you say crime is down, the economy is booming…” the reporter began to ask.

“Well that’s not, that’s not true but get your question sir,” Lightfoot interjected.

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“Across the street we had a police officer on duty the victim of a hit and run. We have Michigan Avenue, the Magnificent Mile, now referred to as the Mile of Fear. The Water Tower place has thrown the keys back to the lender, they say they don’t want to be in Chicago anymore. Real chicagoans are asking me how could you possibly even consider running for re-election as mayor of the city of Chicago after all the harm you’ve caused,” the reporter probed.

“Well I disagree with you fundamentally and I don’t think I need to address and dignify your comments one second further next question,” Lightfoot replied.

Here’s the video:

This line of questioning was completely fair.

Lightfoot has been terrible for Chicago.

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