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After Outing Hillary Clinton as Being Behind the Trump-Russia Lie, Some Fear Robbie Mook’s Days Are Numbered

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On Friday former Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook testified that Hillary Clinton personally approved of pushing the fake Trump-Russia bank lies to the media.  Today some people think Robbie may want to watch his back. 

After years of claiming that Russia was working with candidate and President Trump to steal the election from Hillary Clinton (a totally insane proposition), Hillary’s Campaign Manager on Friday said that Hillary approved pushing lies regarding the Russia collusion sham story.

Hillary Campaign Manager Mook Claimed Russians Stole DNC Emails, Then Denied Knowing Hillary Paid for the Russian Dossier, Now Says Hillary Knew of Alfa Bank Bogus Story

Over the weekend people started sharing their concerns for Robby Mook throwing Hillary under the bus.

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Others share – gonna miss Robby –

Some are even asking if there is an over/under line on Mook’s suicide yet?

Time will tell.  There does appear to be a track record for those who cross the Clinton line.  Mook’s testimony appears to be one of these times. 

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