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After Finishing Speech, Biden Appears to Shake Hands with Thin Air

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If Joe Biden declines any further, his handlers may have to start using more CGI.

After finishing a speech, Biden turned from his podium and appeared to reach his right hand out as if to shake someone else’s.

The problem is that nobody was even remotely close to him at the time…

Immediately following the invisible handshake, Biden appeared confused as to what to do next.

Biden’s mental decline is just sad at this point.

We know he’s always been merely a tool of the democrats.

It sure seems like he’s worn out his usefulness as one though…

Here is the clip:


Here are some of the best reactions from Twitter:

Strangely, Biden did the same thing a few weeks ago:

This comes as Biden’s popularity continues to fall to record lows.

Recent polls show that his popularity is now at the lowest point since he took office.

It currently sits at a mere 33%.

The Telegraph has more on Biden’s sinking numbers:

Joe Biden’s popularity plummeted to the joint lowest level of his presidency as a poll showed only 33 per cent of Americans approve of his job performance.

The figure in a Quinnipiac poll matched Mr Biden’s previous nadir in the same poll in January. In the latest findings, only 39 per cent said they approved of the US President’s handling of the Ukraine crisis, with 48 per cent disapproving.

It showed that 52 per cent of Americans believed the US should be doing more to help Ukraine fight Russia.

Biden’s popularity is sinking.

His allies in the media are turning on him.

It’s clear that the democrats are just about done with Biden as their tool.

One question remains though: Who is calling the shots right now?

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