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A Changing In The Winds

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Biden is not scheduled to leave office until January 20, 2025.  He has 1,020 days to go.

I doubt he makes it beyond 2022.  I’ll tell you why.

First, you may have noticed in the past several weeks the media has taken an interest in Hunter Biden’s laptop.

That’s no trivial matter.

Why the media is informing its viewers to take the laptop serious is more insightful to me than the laptop’s contents.

Yes, I have an idea or two about what’s on that thing, but why now?  Why would the media machine that protected Biden from the “hard drive from hell” in October of 2020 now wish to expose it?

The media put him in the White House and propped him up from day 1.

There’s no one left to defend him if the media doesn’t.

Changing in the winds of media spells serious trouble for Biden.

Second, I think certain pictures or video footage can capture the reality of a time like no words ever can.  They cut through political spin, too.

And that, to me, is true of the footage we saw during Obamas visit to the White House.   If you missed it, here it is:

The full video is available at c-span  if you want to see it without any commentary.  Both the edited and unedited versions show the crowd of democrats fawning over Obama.

In the ten minutes of hand grabbing and back slabbing I watched at c-span, not one of the attendees asked for a photo with Biden.  That wasn’t the case with rock star Obama.

The left is done with Biden.  The media is done with him, too. The only question now is how long the puppet masters will keep him in the play.

Tucker’s coverage of the Biden fallout agrees.

If Biden is ousted by the left, Kamala will be the president under the 25th Amendment and she gets to nominate a vice president (to be confirmed by a majority vote of both houses of Congress).

I don’t know about you, but the left removing Biden will be a hollow win to me.  And besides, Biden at least makes his handlers on the left put in some work to cover for him, unlike Obama who read his lines flawlessly.

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