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74-Year-Old Golfer Opens Fire on Man Walking Dog on Delray Beach Golf Course, Beats Him with Club

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A 74-year-old golfer lost his mind on Sunday when he saw a man walking his dog on Delray Beach, Florida, golf course, but he didn’t just yell at the guy. Instead, he reportedly broke out a gun and started shooting at him. Then he attacked with a club when he ran out of ammo.

Certainly, it is against the rules to walk a dog on the golf course. That goes without saying. But the golfer’s reaction is extreme, to be sure.

According to a report at WPBF TV, witnesses alleged that 74-year-old golfer Robert Levine went ballistic when he saw 64-year-old Herbert Merritt walking his dog along the 15th hole on Sunday evening at about 7 p.m.

Levine became furious and began shooting at and chasing Merritt around the green. He wounded the dog lover in the ankle and then smacked him with a golf club after setting the gun aside.

“Merritt told deputies he was walking his dog on the grass next to the golf course when Levine rode up in his golf cart and … began causing a verbal altercation with him due to having his dog on the golf course … He then began shooting at him while Merritt was running away,” WPBF reported.

“Levine chased Merritt around a tree while continuing to shoot—Merritt said he shot about five rounds at him, according to the report and witnesses … he felt that Levine was trying to kill him,” the station added.

When the firearm ended up unsatisfactory, Levine allegedly retrieved a club to finish Merritt off.

“Witnesses told deputies they saw Levine kick Merritt in the head, go back to his cart and get a club and begin beating Merritt with the club while holding the gun in his left hand. Deputies said they found shell casings on the ground and two golf clubs with what appeared to be blood on them,” the station explained.

Merritt told responding police officers that he felt Levine was “trying to kill him.”

Unsurprisingly, Levine was charged with attempted first-degree murder.

Mr. Merritt sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

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