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74% Say America Is On The Wrong Track

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Americans are dissatisfied with the current state of the country.

A new poll from NBC found that 74% of voters feel that the country is currently heading in the wrong direction. 58% say that the country’s best days are behind it.

NBC News reported:

But hovering over the entire poll is a deep dissatisfaction from the American public.

Three-quarters of voters — 74% — say the country is headed in the wrong direction, representing the fifth-straight NBC News survey showing this number in the 70s.

Additionally, 58% believe America’s best days are behind it, which is the highest percentage on this question dating back to 1990.

61% say they’d be willing to carry a protest sign for an entire day over an issue.

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When asked what their protest sign would say Democrats and Republicans had far different answers.

Top responses for Democrats:

-Women’s rights

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-Equal rights

-Prosecute Trump 

-Abortion rights 

Top responses for Republicans:

-Impeach Biden

-Protect our freedom

-Protect the 2nd amendment 

-Stop Democrats

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