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5 Statements Proving He Wasn’t a Christian Conservative

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The corporate media are once again stoking division by pushing the false narrative that the 18-year-old arrested in the Buffalo, New York, mass shooting this weekend is a conservative Christian and an avid Fox News fan.

In reality, Payton Gendron is a self-proclaimed atheist who denounced conservatism, Christianity and Fox News in his 180-page manifesto.

On Saturday, the gunman killed 10 people and injured three others at a supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood in Buffalo.

Of the 13 people shot, 11 were black and two were white, ABC News reported on Sunday.

In his racist and anti-Semitic manifesto, Gendron undercut the liberal media narrative that he’s a Christian conservative who was radicalized by Fox News.


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Indeed, the teen rebuked conservativism and Christianity at least five times in his lengthy statement of personal beliefs.

On page 7, the shooter expressly stated he is not Christian.

“Are you a Christian? No,” Gendron wrote. “I do not ask God for salvation by faith, nor do I confess my sins to Him. I personally believe there is no afterlife. I do however believe in and practice many Christian values.”

Elsewhere on page 7, he wrote: “Are you a facsist? Yes, fascism is one of the only political ideologies that will unite Whites against the replacers. Since that is what I seek, calling me a facsist would be accurate.”

On page 8, he slammed conservatism: “Are you a conservative? No, conservatism is corporatism in disguise, I want no part of it.”

On page 9, Gendron explained how his affinity for communism influenced his ideology: “When I was 12, I was deep into communist ideology, talk to anyone from my old highschool and ask about me and you will hear that.

“From age 15 to 18 however, I consistently moved farther to the right. On the political compass I fall in the mild-moderate authoritarian left category, and I would prefer to be called a populist.”

On page 158, Gendron declared in capital letters: “CONSERVATISM IS DEAD, THANK GOD.”


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Anyone trying to link Gendron to conservatives, Republicans or Christians is lying or misinformed. His manifesto makes clear his connections to communist ideology, leftism and atheism.

Not surprisingly, however, the establishment media and others wasted no time trying to score political points by connecting the suspect’s incendiary manifesto to conservatives and Republicans.

As a reminder, the media downplayed or ignored the anti-white prejudice spewed by career criminal Darrell Brooks, who allegedly drove an SUV through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing six and wounding dozens more.

All the victims were white.

In Brooks’ social media posts, he expressed violent hostility against white people — but the parade slaughter was quickly memory-holed by the media just days after it happened.

Numerous conservatives pointed out the rank hypocrisy in the media’s disparate treatment of the Buffalo mass shooting versus the Waukesha rampage.

At this point, the festering hypocrisy of our political leaders and the legacy media are apparent to anyone who’s being honest with themselves.

Because of the biased, anti-white agenda pervasive in society today, you can be sure that the race wars being fomented by the left will escalate.


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