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39-Year-Old Massachusetts Police Officer Suddenly Passes Away While Playing Hockey; Three Active-Duty Massachusetts Cops Suddenly Died Within 10 Days

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Natick Police Officer, Mike Mabardy, passed away suddenly while playing hockey.

The 39-year-old cop was an 11-year veteran and tragically leaves behind four young girls all under the age of 10.

Mabardy died on Tuesday after he had a medical emergency while playing hockey at the New England Sports Center in Marlborough, according to MetroWest Daily News.

“He devoted his entire life to the people of Natick,” said Killeen. “He poured his whole heart and soul into every shift, and he would have done that until he retired if this didn’t happen.

“He was just a good Natick kid.”

The Natick Police Department on Wednesday announced Mabardy’s death.

“It is with deep regret and sadness that we have to announce the sudden passing of active duty Natick Police Officer Michael Mabardy. Officer Mabardy was an 11 year veteran of our department and previously worked for the Nantucket, MA police department. Mike will be greatly missed by his friends and colleagues here as we send our heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones at this tremendously sad and difficult time. Please keep them in your thoughts.”

Three active-duty police officers in the state of Massachusetts have passed away suddenly within 10 days.

Per Fall River Reporter:

Mabardy is the third officer in Massachusetts to die suddenly recently while active.

Yesterday, the MIT Police Department issued a statement on the passing of one of their Sergeants.

Last week, Boston Police announced the sudden death of an active-duty officer.

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