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3 Videos of Illegals Having Fun as They Stream Across River Show Invasion Is Worse Than We Thought

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New video evidence shows the extent to which illegal immigrants casually troop into America as border officials brace for record-setting numbers.

“Good morning from Eagle Pass, TX where illegal crossings continue nonstop. This group just walked across the Rio Grande as it runs lower in the AM hours. Just a few miles away is where a TX National Guard soldier presumably drowned. Still not found after nearly 48 hours,” Fox News reporter Bill Melugin tweeted.

“Several men in the group told me they are from Venezuela. Haitians can be seen crossing illegally in the water behind them. Two of them appeared to be pregnant women,” he wrote.


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“More about to cross illegally as Border Patrol agents watch from the US side of the river,” he added.

Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas said border policy has gone astray because the Biden administration is listening to the wrong people, according to Fox News.

Will we ever regain control of the border?

“They’re listening to the immigration activists, but my question is who is listening to the men and women in green and in blue, and more importantly who’s listening to the border communities, the sheriffs, the landowners, the rest of the people who live on the border,” Cuellar said Sunday on “Fox News Sunday.”

“We need to listen to the border communities,” he said.

Referencing the upcoming lifting of Title 42, a rule that has kept many illegal immigrants out of the county to limit the spread of COVID-19, he said that “this message of lifting Title 42 is going to go straight to the criminal organizations.”

Cuellar also noted that the current flow of illegal immigrants has meant that 60 percent of Border Patrol agents are processing illegal immigrants and not protecting the border.

“It’s like having a school, and we’re only teaching with 40 percent of the teachers, and the other 60 percent are not teaching,” Cuellar said. “That’s what we’re seeing except it’s in law enforcement.


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“So what we’re seeing is large numbers coming in, the messages are going out to the smugglers and to migrants that on May 23 you can go ahead and come in, and Border Patrol is only working with 40 percent of its men and women.”

The extent of the existing crisis was revealed in a court filing last week in which Immigration and Customs Enforcement said it expects to release up to 600,000 illegal immigrants into American communities before the end of September, according to the Washington Times.

Deane Dougherty, ICE’s juvenile coordinator, said the agency expects a “historic border surge, with projections forecasted to triple current arrivals.”

ICE expects to catch – and then release — more than 3,000 illegal immigrants per day. In March, that level was 774 people per day.

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