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18-Year-Old Senior Athlete Dies After Collapsing During Pickup Basketball Game

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18-year-old Brandon Sterling died while playing a pickup basketball game on Sunday.

Sterling was a senior at Assumption High School in Napoleonville, where he played basketball and football.

He was playing basketball with friends when he suddenly collapsed and hit the back of his head on the court at the Jimmie Johnson Memorial Park in Morgan City, his mother said.

Houma Today reported:

“They said he hit his head on the concrete and he started to seizure,” Darnisha said. “They said he was shaking real bad.”

Darnisha said her son remained on the court for “up to 30 minutes” after collapsing. Once an ambulance arrived, he was taken to Ochsner St. Mary hospital in Morgan City, where he was pronounced dead.

Darnisha said she is still seeking answers on how her son died. She said he had no pre-existing medical conditions and the cause of death is unknown. The family is waiting for autopsy results from a medical examiner.

“He was a healthy child,” Darnisha said. “He was so active. I don’t know what happened. They never told me what happened to my baby.”

Morgan City police captain Betty Augman said Sterling’s death is still under investigation.

Yahoo News added:

“He was the best kid,” Darnisha said. “He was the most respectful child. My baby was spectacular. He was a humble and handsome boy. He was a jack of all trades who was good at basketball and football. He could dance. He was good at everything.

“I never heard anyone say a bad word about him. He stayed out of trouble and looked after his brothers. I appreciate everybody that has been reaching out to me. It’s good to know how loved my baby was … I just want my baby back.”

Brendon Sterling said his brother was a major inspiration for he and his younger brother, Dwayne McZeal Jr.

“My brother was a legend,” Brendon Sterling said. “He was a father-figure for me and my brother. He taught me and my brother everything about life. He didn’t hate anyone. He loved everybody.”

Brandon played basketball for one season at Assumption, averaging six points per game and eight rebounds. He played in the Luke Ford Jr. Sports Medicine Center of Thibodaux Regional Bayou vs. River All Star Basketball Shootout on March 26.

The tragic news follows previous reports of multiple high school basketball players suddenly collapsing and passing away.

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