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12 Injured, Three Detained in South Carolina Mall Shooting

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Earlier Saturday afternoon, the Columbia Police Department reported a mass shooting incident inside the Columbiana Centre Mall in South Carolina.

JUST IN: Mass Shooting at South Carolina Mall, Several People Reportedly Injured

Breaking reports stated that 12 people were injured during the incident.

Per Fox News:

Police in South Carolina responded to a 911 call that was made around 2:03 p.m. that reported gunfire near the GAP store inside the Columbiana Centre, a mall in Columbia, South Carolina. Multiple 911 calls were made after that, according to Columbia Police Department Chief William H. Holbrook.

Among the 12 people injured, 10 suffered gunshot wounds, and two were injured in the stampede that followed the gunfire inside the mall.

Eight people who suffered gunshot wounds were transported to area hospitals, and two people self-reported their wounds, according to Holbrook. Two people are in critical but stable condition, and six people are in stable condition.

Officials say that the oldest victim is 73-years-old, and the youngest is 15-years-old.

Holbrook said that at least three people were seen with firearms inside the mall, and at least one person fired a weapon.

An eyewitness told AP:

Daniel Johnson said he and his family were visiting from Alabama and were eating in the food court when they first heard shots ring out and started seeing people running.

Johnson said people were screaming for their children and spouses, knocking over tables in the food court as they fled.

“Everybody was trying to get outside,” Johnson said. “When I was coming out, you could see baby strollers turned over, people’s phones and left keys. It was kind of a hectic situation.”

Johnson said he gathered his wife, daughter and son and began heading toward the exit after letting the crowd clear out for a bit.

“My biggest thing was — and not to sound selfish — was to make sure that our family was OK and to get them out safely because this is not something that we love to do for Easter weekend.”

Law enforcement officials are currently going through the mall and removing people who were sheltering in place during the shooting.

The Columbia Police Department called today’s incident a “senseless act of violence.”

The Columbia Police Department provide these updates on social media:

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