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1 in NY District With 20% More Dems Than Republicans

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In another election that may signal a red wave coming in November, a Republican defeated a Democrat in a special election in a normally deep blue New York district.

During last week’s election, Republican Eric “Ari” Brown defeated Democrat David Lobl in the election held to fill the vacant Assembly seat representing southwest Nassau’s 20th District.

It was reported that there weren’t enough outstanding absentee ballots for Democrat Lobl to recover the 2,254 votes he would need to overcome Brown’s lead.


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Brown’s campaign is not quite over, though, as he will have to run for a full term of his own in November. But in the meantime, he will be filling out the term of Republican Melissa “Missy” Miller, who resigned to serve as a Hempstead Town Board councilwoman. Miller was the first Republican elected to the district in decades.

“I want to thank the residents of the 20th Assembly District for the confidence that they have placed in me,” Ari Brown wrote in an email on Election Night, according to the Long Island Herald. “I am eager be an effective force for the residents of the 20th District when I join the State Assembly. What’s more, I am committed to working against the corrosive effects of the ‘cashless bail’ law, I will push to suspend the state’s gas tax and I will tirelessly labor to preserve our suburban quality-of-life.”

While the District was a plus five for Donald Trump, Democrats still outnumber Republicans with a 42,000 to 35,000 advantage, Newsday reported. It is also a heavily Jewish district.

Do you think we will see a large number of Republicans elected this November?

The victory spurred Lee Zeldin, the leading Republican candidate for the governor of New York, to triumphantly predict a “red tsunami” for this year’s election cycle.

“Incredible win tonight in Nassau County as Ari Brown becomes New York’s next State Assemblyman after crushing today’s Special Election. A massive Red Tsunami is inbound in 2022!,” Zeldin tweeted last Thursday.


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Brown’s election is a continuation of the red wave that washed over Long Island in November of last year as the district attorney races in Nassau and Suffolk Counties turned red in response to failed bail reform laws that brought higher crime rates to New York.

Democratic state Sen. Todd D. Kaminsky, for instance, lost to Republican Anne Donnelley in Nassau County after Kaminsky drew the ire of voters for supporting the bail reform bill that caused public outcry for immediately dumping criminals back out on the streets after arrests for violent crimes, Breitbart reported last year.

Voters in Suffolk County also brought in a Republican for district attorney when Ray Tierney convincingly beat Democrat incumbent Tim Sini. Tierney won 57 percent of the vote to Sini’s 43 percent, Breitbart added at the time.

Republicans also won in races for county executive and comptroller in Nassau last year, making the elections a veritable tsunami of red for the normally Democrat-controlled region.

It seems very likely that America will see a wave of Republicans getting elected to positions, kicking out Democrats in elections from every level, including city, county, state and federal offices.

A recent poll, for instance, finds that voters are looking to the GOP in the coming congressional elections. The poll found that 54 percent of voters were leaning toward the Republicans compared to only 42 percent of Democrats.

For his part, Brown ran on a campaign composed of commonsense ideas, like ending the recently cashless bail rules the Democrats have been pushing over the last few years. He also said he’ll work to end the gas tax as prices soar thanks to Bidenflation.

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to ramp up pressure to force schools to push dangerous transgender medical procedures on kids and to groom kids to accept radical gender ideology, to continue to weaken our courts, to force green laws that cause our energy prices to soar by killing pipelines and other extreme left-wing policies.

No wonder Republicans are knocking down Democrats all across the country.

Still, even as so many expect a red wave to wash over the elections in November, that is no reason for Republicans to be complacent. The GOP has to get its voters out on election day without assuming they will win with little to no effort.

Get out and vote, Republicans. That is the only way to win.

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